Succession & Retirement Planning

As the world and health care evolves, people are living longer and are stronger in their later years than ever before. This also means that people are tending to work until later in their life as well but is that through enjoying their job or because they feel they have no other option? Maybe as a business owner, you feel trapped and unable to walk away for fear that the business will not function without you? As with many things, planning is key!

At Charnwood Accountants, we will be encouraging those discussions from very early on in our relationship with you. We want to know what your retirement goals are, and we will challenge and assist you to fulfil these dreams.

If you are not paying into a pension scheme, we will be asking you why?

If a key member of staff has walked away because they have no clear progression path, we will be asking you why?

If you are working too much in the business rather than on developing it, we will be asking you why?

You may want to feel like the most important person in your business, but a successful business is one that can still function when a cog is removed. 

If you’ve grown a successful business from scratch, we want you to be rewarded for your hard work and for the sacrifices that have been made to get you there and if we can do it in a tax efficient way then all the better.

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