Solicitors Regulatory Authority accounts rules audits

When you are managing a legal practice, getting the right accounting and compliance support in place will make a big difference to your firm’s profitability. That’s why we have a dedicated department just for solicitors – Charnwood for Solicitors!.it says it in the name!

We can assist with all your ongoing compliance needs which include

  • Client account audit required by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.
  • Accounts preparation
  • Tax returns

We work very closely with our solicitor clients and have a good understanding of all the different compliance software available to firms, which enables our audits and accounts preparation to run smoothly and efficiently.

However, our expertise in this area stretches far beyond that of compliance services. We add the most value when we sit down with firms and discuss their business development needs. That is why we developed a specialist benchmarking tool to enable firms to compare their business against other local firms in order to identify where the excel, or where improvements are needed.

Check out our specialist accountancy for Solicitors website for more details. 

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