Grant Audits

If your business or organisation receives a government grant, you will likely need to regularly produce a beneficiary’s report detailing money expended.

Generally, this spending needs to be verified by an independent external auditor, who reports to the funders, to verify that the expenditure is in accordance with the grant conditions.

Our grant audit services

Our grant audit team can help you meet the compliance requirements surrounding audits of your UK and EU government grants. We understand the need for tight compliance to meet the funding body rules and sometimes urgency in this work given the tight reporting deadlines that can be in place after a period end, that is why we have a dedicated team who have experience in the audit of government grants ready to assist you.

We can help you stay on top of your financial and reporting responsibilities and help ensure the funding you receive continues to be made available during the project life.

If you have or are applying for any of the following grants, we can help in ensuring you meet your audit deadlines and assist you along the way in claiming for the correct costs:

  • UK Innovate grants
  • Horizon 2020

This list covers the most common grants, but there are other types we can assist with too. Please arrange an appointment to discuss your needs and one of our team will be in contact.

Who we support

We work with a large range of businesses in auditing their grant funding from small family businesses to listed plc’s and government funded bodies such as Universities.

Talk to us about grant audits

If you would like to have a no obligation chat about grant audits, please contact Charnwood Accountants by calling 01509 621833 or visit our contact page.

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