The A-Z of Charnwood Accountants

Accountants – seems silly not to start here as that’s the day to day job and fundamentally what we are!

Business Advisors – We’re not just about the numbers though – a big part of the services we provide focus around general business advisory services. We see the detail behind the scenes of your business and will always look at ways to help you improve.

Communication – this is key for a successful relationship. If you only hear from your accountant once a year then that’s not enough. We speak to all our clients before their year end, following the year end to agree the accounts and after key events such as recent budgets. All clients will receive personal e-mails on any changes that will impact their business. We also encourage our clients to call us with queries with no fear that the clock will start running as soon as we answer!

Deadlines – we have excellent internal systems to make sure that your key filing deadlines are not missed which gives our clients peace of mind that they will not receive penalties.

Excellence – one of key values. We strive to ensure that our clients feel like they get great customer service every time they contact us and want them to make sure a trip to the accountants isn’t a chore!

Fees – transparency of fees is important to us as no one wants to feel like they are being ripped off. Therefore all fees are agreed in advance and so no shock bills. We also spread the fee over 12 months to help our clients plan their cash flow.

Grant Audits – Loughborough is a town of innovation and we’re proud to support the companies that are housed at the local University with their grant claims to ensure they can continue to develop.

HMRC – let’s face it, no one likes speaking to them and so we’ll do it for you. Simply sign a form to appoint us as your agents and then we can take the pressure off of dealing with them for you.

Insurance – all of our clients are covered by our tax compliance insurance as a matter of standard. Should you be subject to an investigation from HMRC, let us know and any fees that you incur for our time will be covered and not payable by you.

January – the Self-assessment deadline and our busiest time! We won’t let you forget that this is coming and will begin the process of asking for your information from as early as April to maximise the time you need to get the information to us.

Knowledge –between us, we’ve seen nearly everything in business and as we work so well as a team, we work hard to share the knowledge around. If you have a query that your client manager can’t answer, you can bet that someone in the office will know!

Loyalty – staff are the key to any business and since starting, our staff turnover is incredibly low – in fact, many of the staff have been here from the word go and know our values inside out.

Mountsorrel – it’s our home! The company has been based here since being formed by Dave Barnett and Dave McKeon. The location just off the A6 means it’s ideal for staff and clients to get to us.

No obligation – the first meeting as a potential new client is on us. There’s no obligation to sign with us so come in for a chat, tell us about yourself and if we can help, we’ll be happy to provide you with a full detailed proposal of the services we can offer you.

Owner managed businesses – these are our bread and butter and make up the core of our client base. If you are the sole director and shareholder, ask yourself, could your partner be involved in this business as well?

Proactive – we look forward and not back. Accounts are historical and in reality there’s not much you can do to change what has gone and so we want to plan for the future. Have you thought about how you want to exit the business? We start considering this from the word go!

Qualified – our policy is to only hire staff who are fully qualified accountants and therefore you can rest assured that you’re not being passed off to the office junior to deal with your issues.

Reputation – we’re proud of what we’ve built here and one of our biggest achievements is that we have grown the business to what it is now based mainly on referrals from existing clients. This confirms that they are pleased with what we do.

Solicitors audits – one of our specialist areas. We understand the needs of solicitors and we have a large number of staff who undertake SRA audits on a regular basis for our database of solicitor clients.

Tax Efficiency – this is what our clients love about us most! We look at your business and will ensure that it is operating in the most tax efficient way possible from the director’s salary to R&D claims!

Understanding – it’s a common myth that you should know every number within your business but there are some key ones that you must be aware for to make sure you’re rewarded for your hard work. We will help you understand these so you can work to achieve more.

Value for money – we believe that we offer good value with our fees and we’re proud to say that the annual tax savings that our clients achieve following from our advice often outweigh the fees that are paid.

Welcome – our admin team are second to none and will always greet you with a smile and cheery hello whether on the phone or in person. We’re a great team and they’re as equally important to giving the best service as the technical staff are.

Xero – cloud based software is the future. There’s little way around that with Making Tax Digital on the horizon and we’re happy to suggest this or other software for you to try.

You – we want to know about the people behind the business. If we get on well with our clients on a personal level and can know more about what makes you tick then this will help us look at the wider picture and increase potential tax efficiency.

Zero – the number of reasons you have for not calling us if you think you’re ready for a change of advisor – it may be the best decision you make for you and your business! Contact us now on 01509 621833 or e-mail to arrange for someone to contact you to discuss your needs in more detail. The kettle is already on!