Increasing need for business advice among self-employed as more people become their own boss

The  pros and cons of being your own boss have been highlighted by Charnwood Accountants after new research revealed that almost one in seven people in the UK is now self-employed,

Chris Hutton, partner with Charnwood Accountants in Mountsorrel, said working for yourself offers a wide range of benefits – but it also presents a number of drawbacks. (more…)

A Good Year in Business

Dave McKeon from Charnwood Accountants LLP  recently did a presentation to Network4Business. He set out what a good year in business might look like and how you need to have an expectation of what you require both in the short term and the medium term to measure and plan for this.

  The presentation walked business owners through the following annual business cycle:-


Brand new profit predictor app released by Charnwood Accountants

A new app designed to help businesses maximise their profit potential is being launched this week by Leicestershire accountancy firm Charnwood Accountants.

The tool aims to provide companies with greater clarity on their financial performance as they plot their long-term growth. The Profit Predictor was designed so companies can simply and easily check how much money they were generating. (more…)

Driving your business FOREward

Golf networking with a difference

Ever fancied having a go at golf networking but don’t have the time (or maybe the skill) for a full 18? Why not pop down to the driving range for an hours coaching followed by open networking and breakfast cobs – past events have yielded both business and new golfing buddies!

Contact Anna Brocklehurst of Charnwood Accountants to book your place.




Current rules state that pension annuities lapse on the death of an individual, with no value passing to their children. In contrast, drawdown pensions can be passed on to the next generation, subject to a 55% charge on the fund. We were expecting an announcement of a reduction in this penal charge in the Autumn Statement, but the Chancellor decided to announce the change earlier than anticipated at the Conservative Party Conference. The changes will have exciting estate planning opportunities – please contact us and/or your financial advisor to discuss these in more detail. (more…)