Raising Finance for Business

The majority of UK businesses are underfunded. They manage their cash flow through a soup of retained profit, loans, overdraft and owner’s capital.

During the life cycle of a business it often needs to raise funds, this for example can be to expand and grow, or perhaps fund the retirement of an outgoing shareholder.

Usually it has developed piecemeal over the years without any real structure between where the money comes from and where it’s spent. This wastes profit, damages cash flow and adds to the stress of running a business. Is yours any different?

If you have existing borrowings, don’t wait until you need a further injection. Very few businesses take the time to properly reassess their financial needs and properly put in place the right mix of funds needed to fuel their growth. Through our innovative financing approach, you can now do this.

Our team has expertise and contacts in place to deliver innovate funding methods to our clients including the use of peer to peer lending.

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