Advanced Tax Planning and Mitigation

Did you know that not all accountants know a lot about tax? When you train to be an accountant, you study the basics of tax, but given that way back in 2009 it was reported that the UK tax code at 11,250 pages was the longest in the world, and has only expanded since true tax planning is a job for the experts!

At Charnwood accountants, we have 3 chartered tax advisors each specialising different areas so that we truly are experts in our individual fields.

In relation to tax the devil really is in the details this is why we will spend time with you understanding your current situation, your plans and proposed outcome and work with you to ensure this is achieved in a tax efficient manner.

Examples of where our knowledge can save you considerable amounts of tax are:

  • Selling your business
  • Developing property
  • Passing on assets
  • Disposal of assets
  • Tax efficient management of a property portfolio

We are also more than happy to review and report on advice given by other professionals,

The more time the better in relation to tax planning so if you have an issue that you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to contact us

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